Hong Kong

Hong Kong Science Museum bought a panel of tex-tiles to include it in their exhibition of Material Tales. 05/23

Teacher CftG

Studio Barbara Vos teaches research & design at Class for the Gifted (CftG). This is a teaching program for gifted 7th and 8th graders from dozens of primary schools in The Hague and the surrounding area. This program concerns pupils who are often bored for a large part of the week in primary education, even in a possible plus class. They flourish if they can participate in the “Class for the Gifted” one morning or afternoon a week: three hours of lessons in mathematics, robotics and research & design. There is a great need for such a program. On average we host 52 different schools in The Hague and the surrounding area, divided into ten classes on three different days (mornings and afternoons).


NEOM Saudi Arabia bought a panel with tex-tiles of Studio Barbara Vos to include this in their material library for architects.

What is NEOM? Merging digital end-to-end design with sustainable construction in a fourth industrial revolution to ensure NEOM is the standard by which the industry measures itself. A retooled economic model built on advanced technology, best-in-class efficiency, worker welfare and competency – in order to deliver livability and capital projects standards never before witnessed. Not just in NEOM, but in the global market beyond. This is a game-changing circular economy with digital prototyping, built in parallel with a fundamentally progressive society – at a scale and speed previously not thought possible. In short, a new ecosystem to help build smarter, more ethical and highly-profitable industries. Join our transformational movement, be the change.

Gemeente Den Haag

Studio Barbara Vos designed a series of meeting rooms in the City Hall of The Hague. One of these rooms got a lively wall full of stripes in a mix of bright and neon colors. The stripes were applied by injection syringes, with a group of employees of the City Hall, so it became their own collective piece of art. Matching chairs were embroidered, with colorful stripes too. The paint was searching and meandering its own way down towards the floor, sometimes touching another color and mixing, sometimes alone straightforward.

The City Hall is a beautiful white structure. The employees working inside were missing a personal touch, a bit of color, a connection with the building. Their wishes were combined in a total design concept called ‘the experimental garden’. These experimental designs also helped the employees to develop another working ethos. Some rooms were emptied, no chairs or tables anymore, but blocks to sit or lean on. This resulted into a more dynamic work sphere, which evolved into creating more dynamic policy plans. Other designers participating in ‘the experimental garden’ are Valentijn Hutte and Denis Oudendijk of Refunc.

Candy Converters

In assignment of the Candy Converters Studio Barbara Vos designed the total concept for this brand; logo’s, branding, products, product names, product packaging, social media surroundings and posts, website, art direction for photoshoots, etc.

Candy Converters sells edible design, made of wafer (edible) paper. Not only the material but also a sense of humor are the basic ingredients for colorful products with a twist.

Artists buy factory

A group of artists in The Hague buy an old Factory of the local government.
Foundation ‘De Besturing’ is now owner of the building which hosts about 40 studio’s and workplaces. On the 28th of February 2017 the municipal councillor Joris Wijsmuller and the notary were invited during a ceremony at ‘De Besturing’ to sign the transfer contract of the old factory building. Studio Barbara Vos is one of the renters in this building.

Tex-tiles Ariadne

Tex-tiles are presented in the Ariadne at Home edition of February 2017 on page 75. In a special about bathrooms they explain how tho make a ‘Dream Bathroom’. Text: Myla Griese. ariadneathome.nl

Auction Besturing

At Sunday 9th of October 2016 an auction will be held at De Besturing, our creative hub building with 40 designers and makers selling their works. The works can be admired on the 7th,8th and 9th of October. Studio Barbara Vos will sell a Bamboo Veneer Lampshade.