Hong Kong

Hong Kong Science Museum bought a panel of tex-tiles to include it in their exhibition of Material Tales. 05/23

Teacher CftG

Studio Barbara Vos teaches research & design at Class for the Gifted (CftG). This is a teaching program for gifted 7th and 8th graders from dozens of primary schools in The Hague and the surrounding area. This program concerns pupils who are often bored for a large part of the week in primary education, even in a possible plus class. They flourish if they can participate in the “Class for the Gifted” one morning or afternoon a week: three hours of lessons in mathematics, robotics and research & design. There is a great need for such a program. On average we host 52 different schools in The Hague and the surrounding area, divided into ten classes on three different days (mornings and afternoons).


NEOM Saudi Arabia bought a panel with tex-tiles of Studio Barbara Vos to include this in their material library for architects.

What is NEOM? Merging digital end-to-end design with sustainable construction in a fourth industrial revolution to ensure NEOM is the standard by which the industry measures itself. A retooled economic model built on advanced technology, best-in-class efficiency, worker welfare and competency – in order to deliver livability and capital projects standards never before witnessed. Not just in NEOM, but in the global market beyond. This is a game-changing circular economy with digital prototyping, built in parallel with a fundamentally progressive society – at a scale and speed previously not thought possible. In short, a new ecosystem to help build smarter, more ethical and highly-profitable industries. Join our transformational movement, be the change.

Studio Barbara Vos | Designkwartier


Designkwartier is a festival about slow-design, food & lifestyle at the Zeeheldenkwartier, The Hague, 29-31 May 2015. Ateliercomplex ‘De Besturing’ where Studio Barbara Vos is located is joining this festival as a group. This years theme is ‘an ode to failure’. By making mistakes beautifull inventions can be done. At Prins Hendrikstraat 127, the artists of the Besturing will pass on their mistakes to each other, to do edit this failure with some of their talented skills, to create masterpieces which are sold on the spot. Studio Barbara Vos made diamond shaped tiles with holes, Sara Vrught and Geanne Welles continued working on these tiles by adding their ‘signature’.

Diamond shaped tiles made by Barbara Vos, completed by Sara Vrugt (wiring) and Geanne Welles (felt circles). These tiles made by multiple artists were sold during the exhibition. Tiddo de Ruiter and Maarten Schenkeveld are melting and pouring aluminium as an experiment. Leather bags are made by Myrte Memelink and Sara Vrugt is working on the embroidery machine.

KABK Open Day

During the KABK Open Day of 31 january 2015 work is presented of students and graduates. Tex-tiles by Barbara Vos are shown at the Post Graduate Course for Industrial Design. Tex-tiles are translucent porcelain tiles with textile imprints. Read more about tex-tiles.

Studio Barbara Vos | Binckse Warenhuis

Binckse Warenhuis

On the 17th, 18th and 19th of October between 17.00-20.00 hours, there is a pop up warehouse ‘BINCKSE WARENHUIS’  located at the Besturing during the IM Binck Festival. In here we sell products of designers like: Rubber Soul, Studio Geanne, Maarten Schenkeveld, Studio Vrugt, Dennis Slootweg, Barbara Vos and Inge Simonis.

Studio Barbara Vos | Intercodam


Tex-tiles are available at luxury sanitary and tile showroom Intercodam, Amstel 135, Amsterdam. The translucent white tex-tiles are presented on a wall with switches, so people can test the difference with lights turned on or off. An example of installation with led light armatures is also shown.

Studio Barbara Vos | Hoe maakt u het?

Haagse Makers

Studio Barbara Vos participates in the Haagse Makers fair on September 27, 2014 in the Koorenhuis, Prinsengracht 27 in The Hague. See how The Hague is making it during the Haagse Makersbeurs.

On Saturday 27 September, dozens of creatives from The Hague will gather in Prins27 (location Koorenhuis). During the Haagse Makersbeurs they show each other and the public what is being produced in The Hague. The Hague Maker Fair is a platform for creatives, artisans and technicians who are active in The Hague and want to show others what they make in their workshops, studios and attics. During the fair, the Makers will give demonstrations of their own creations, crafts and baking, and there will be plenty of opportunity to network with each other and the public.

Fashion artist Sara Vrugt, beer brewery Bogt, Repair Kid and HockeyTracker are among others present at the fair. HockeyTracker demonstrates the technology that made its global debut during the last Hockey World Cup in The Hague. This makes it possible to visualize ball speed and strength during hockey matches, among other things. In addition to product demonstrations and tastings, the Haagse Makersbeurs also offers a stage to musicians, VJs and DJs who give shows with self-built equipment and instruments in the main hall of the Koorenhuis.

For more information about the program: www.haagsemakers.nl

The Hague Makers Fair
September 27, 2014 From 12:00 to 17:00. Prince27 (Koorenhuis) | Prinsegracht 27 The Hague. Price: € 5.00 (up to 12 years free)