Tex-tiles Ariadne

Tex-tiles are presented in the Ariadne at Home edition of February 2017 on page 75. In a special about bathrooms they explain how tho make a ‘Dream Bathroom’. Text: Myla Griese. ariadneathome.nl

Delft Design

Delft Design and the local government of Delft organized in 2015 a matchmaking evening for companies and creative’s. Around forty creative’s attended this evening and seven projects resulted. Three of these projects were executed by Barbara Vos at the following companies: Zandvliet Vleeswaren, C-Cube International and Banketbakkerij Stoffer in Delft. In March 2016 a book (in Dutch) about this project was presented to city counsel member of Delft Ferrie Förster. The projects were very successful for both designers and companies, a fruitful relationship has grown and resulted in several follow up projects for Barbara Vos. Click here to read the pdf ‘Winst door Design‘ bij Delft Design. Pictures by Jaxpix.

Goods2 Frame

Tex-tiles made by Barbara Vos are presented in the book Goods2 of Frame, page 136-143. Together with 45 other iconic and extraordinary interior products from leading designers and manufacturers from around the world this book is a true collectors item.

Goods 2 illustrates selected products that have emerged from the sketchbooks of designers like the Bouroullec brothers, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola and are made together with brands like B&B Italia, HAY and Moooi.

This book is an indespensible source of information that tells the story of each product from sketch to realisation, making it a must have for product designers and interior designers – and for students in both fields.

ISBN 978-94-91727-42-9

Dutch A Team

Erlynne Bakkers and Barbara Vos met over a decade ago, their partnership unites the best of both worlds. Dutch A Team is working on numerous high-end products and product lines with leading international brands. Since November 2015 their coöperation is presented in a new website called www.dutchateam.comRead more

Studio Barbara Vos | Materia


Tex-tiles are presented in the newsletter ‘Ceramics’ of Materia of june 2015.

Den Haag Centraal

Publication of Meermanno Booklight by Studio Barbara Vos at Den Haag Centraal Newspaper of 20 february 2015.

Meermanno Booklights are made out of old books which were not sold in the museum shop. Now the books are sold in the shop in their new appearance, as a light. The pages of the old books are wrinkled and crunched, ledlight is added to give a warm effect.

Studio Barbara Vos | Den Haag Centraal

Den Haag Centraal

Publication of ‘Personal Urn’ at Den Haag Centraal Newspaper of 16 january 2015.

This urn has a basic shape, but can be made personal by adding a personal detail. In this detail, which looks like a knob, an imprint can be made of a jewelry piece of the deceased. In this case, a hanger of a necklace is embossed into the golden knobs. There are two knobs which represent the connection between two people. The necklace which is used for the imprint can be hung around the urn.

Studio Barbara Vos | Frame


Studio Barbara Vos is quoted about her tex-tiles in a report about surfaces in Frame Magazine, the #100 celebration edition! (sep/oct 2014 page 225+226)

Frame is the world’s leading interior design publication. Since its launch in 1997, the magazine has remained faithful to its mission: putting interior architecture on the map as a creative profession that’s equally important as design and architecture. In six issues per year, Frame publishes the world’s most inspiring interiors, spiced up with design, art and creative endeavours like window displays and stage sets. Sold in 77 countries, Frame is printed in English, Chinese, Korean and Turkish.

Now here is a cause for celebration. From its humble beginnings back in 1997, Frame celebrates its 100th issue. It’s a special one – and not just because it’s bigger than usual. After rifling through the archives and piecing together clippings from old Frame magazines Helsinki-based designer and illustrator Linda Linko gave Frame 100 a festive coat. The Frame 100 research feature…