Together with Erlynne Bakkers, Studio Barbara Vos is developing a new corrosion indicator for C-Cube International. The previous corrosion indicator was an anonymus black box, difficult to recognize as being a device providing important measurements. Now, after exploring the environments in which this device is placed, a recognizable robust device is born which matches it’s surrounding world and is friendly to use.

Founded in 2005, C-Cube international consulted its clients on corrosion and evaluated lifespans to determine the residual value of investments for asset’s owners. C-Cube international built up its knowledge base while tailoring solutions to customers’ specific needs. Through this expertise, the team established best practises to meet the needs of a broader market by the development of universal solutions.

The company has evolved from a consultancy specialist to a service provider to determine the present condition through state of the art technology in order to decrease maintenance costs and increase lifetime of clients’ assets effectively lowering risks and expenditures by minimizing down time.

Today, a motivated team with different backgrounds solves today’s problems to avoid tomorrows pains.