Tex-tiles received a fund for developing a sustainable business by the Creative City program of the Hague.

The most important reason for carrying out the Creative City program is to improve the business climate, stimulate the economy in The Hague and increase employment. After all, it is well known that a flourishing creative sector boosts the economy of the city as a whole.
The Hague Creative City program 2005-2008 focussed on the development of the cultural value of the creative sector. In the program 2010-2012 the emphasis is on initiatives with an economically sustainable perspective and attention is paid to the visibility of the Creative City program. The aim is to optimise the business climate.
The added value for the period 2010-2012 is the criterion that all actions must be economically sustainable: in this way the economic capital of the creative sector is optimally used. The main project activities comprise:
– providing facilities such as business space and services;
– stimulating entrepreneurship;
– supporting activities that will eventually become independent and sustainable;
– promotion campaigns to increase the market for the creative sector.
The program is divided into the following sub-programs:
1. Workrooms and studios for artists
2. Incentive Fund Scheme Creative City the Hague 2010-2012
3. Top talent in the city: Top Talent and Education Fair
4. Customer marketing: Ambassadors’ program
5. Promotion and publicity