Tex-tiles are submitted to the material library of Centro Stile Fiat Group Automobiles, as an innovative inspirational material for the design team of the automotive industry.

Centro Stile Fiat is nowadays called Centro Stile Fiat Group Automobiles and is located near the research center Elasis CRF in Orbassano since 2007. The design departments of the brands Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Maserati and Fiat Professional are all joined together at this location. The old Officina 83 in sector B of Mirafiori was only used by Fiat for press introductions and presentations of new design projects over the last years.

Centro Stile Fiat, once one of the biggest design departments in the world, has recently changed owners for an amount of 3,4 million euros (4,5 million dollars or 3 million pounds). Enthusiasts of the Italian brand will remember the building as ‘Officina 83’. Fiat already sold it to the town and region Piemonte in 2005. The city of Turin already owns multiple divisions of this big Mirafiori-complex under the name of ‘Torino Nuova Economia’ and is structurally looking for new destinations. Though lots of people have feared for years that useless shopping centers or even theme parks would be built there, this property of 22.000 square meters has now been bought by a supplier of components in the car industry of Lingotto itself.