Studio Barbara Vos has won a Public Award of the Hema Designcontest 2009 with her ‘Flash’ design, an interior- and flash light in one. Her flash light is selected by the audience, the shoppers at Hema. ‘Flash’ derives its name from a Dutch detergent brand called ‘Dash’. The shape also derives from a detergent bottle. A bottle of detergent stands for clean, fresh and bright. These characteristics are kept in Barbara’s design. Het bottle also has a bright content: light. The bottle has a tilt switch. When the bottle stands upright, the bottle lights up brightly. When the bottle is tilted, the light shines out of the bottle’s top, as if you are pouring the bright light out. Now you can use it as a flash light. OBA showcases 60 of its best entree designs from 8th September till 31st October 2009.