Technarte is a Conference where international artists and technologists show the most innovative artistic disciplines that use the technology as means of creation. This union between Art and Technology generates new reconnaissance fields, like Nano-art, 3D Printing, interactive installations, Art & Robotics, Bio-art, immersive 3D development, Mobile Art, smart materials and hyper-augmented reality, among others.

The main objective of Technarte is to present the technological developments which facilitate the full expression of the modern art, and to be a forum of discussion and reflection around the existent convergence between art and technology. The cutting-edge technological innovations provide infinitive possibilities for the artist, and the technological society uses the creativity of the artists as a way of inspiration for new technological projects.

Studio Barbara Vos is invited to give a presentation about her Augmented Reality projects in which she was involved. Below shows an example about an Augmented Reality Car, named (C)AR; a car in which kids at primary school can run (they move the car by their feet like a Flintstone car) around at the play grounds and discover worlds they could not imagine to explore otherwise. The real world is combined with the virtual world. A digitial image is added to real life by projecting it on the screen in front.

Here you can see a project of Studio Barbara Vos together with Dirk van Oosterbosch and the ARLAB at ‘Escher in het Paleis’. With a Wiimote, a virtual ‘knot’ is thrown at the wall. A virtual wormhole appears which only can be seen by the person who is wearing the helmet. Through the wormhole, this person sees the staircases located elsewhere in the Palace, with the museum guests walking on these staircases.