Product Design

Studio Barbara Vos advises, designs and develops functional, durable, consumer products.
The Dutch design studio is run by product designer Barbara Vos.

Studio Barbara Vos is an independent company operating in the creative field of product design. Studio Barbara Vos is run by Barbara Vos and her team since 2005. Since 2010 the studio is located at the Industrial Binckhorst area, The Hague. Studio Barbara Vos advises, designs, develops and makes functional, durable, consumer products. The design products can vary from knitwear, lights, jewelry, toys, tiles, even complete interiors. Just about anything that needs to be designed. She is known for her playfulness designs and re-use of materials. Barbara Vos is inspired by patterns, repetitions and prints. She likes to design products and interiors for people to let them feel good and happy. Working with characteristic or traditional details makes it recognizable for people, this brings a smile to their faces.

Studio Barbara Vos is designing and developing her own products, as well in assignment of private individuals and companies, both national as international. Her work shows her passion for round organic shapes, vibrant colours, curved lines and special materials.
She uses new materials with old techniques or old materials in a new way. A lot of her designs are inspired by her childhood, making drawings with buttons on the floor at her grandmother’s house. As well as being innovative and eye catching, her ideas are practical and functional, aiming to solve the given problem.