Our Studio

An introduction

Studio Barbara Vos is an independent design company operating in the creative field. Studio Barbara Vos is run by Dutch Interior Architect and Product Designer Barbara Vos and her team, since 2005. Since 2010 the studio is located at the now rising Industrial Binckhorst area, The Hague. She is known for her friendly designs with a high sense for user comfort. Always making sure materials are sustainable or re-use existing materials. Barbara Vos is inspired by patterns, repetitions and prints. Her passion is to design products and interiors for people to let them feel good and happy when they are using the design. She identifies naturally with users, feels instinctly what they want, without even telling it to her. Working with characteristic or traditional details makes it recognizable for people, this brings a smile on their faces. The experience with the user is essential, how will they use it? What is their relationship to the design? What is their interaction to the product or interior?

The studio designs products varying from lighting, ceramics, jewelry, bags, toys, technical clothing, handheld electronical devices, kitchen appliance, furniture, even edible design and complete interiors. Studio Barbara Vos designs and develops her own products, as well in assignment or private individuals and companies, both national as international. Studio Barbara Vos is also part of Dutch A Team where technical innovations are developed and designed.

Barbara Vos’ other products are: Chakaitea (sustainable tea without bags/tea egg) and Tex-tiles (translucent ceramic tiles).


  • Industrial Product Design
  • One piece or small series Product Design
  • Concept Development
  • Interior Design
  • Human Interaction
  • Look & Feel

Our location

De Besturing in The Hague

Studio Barbara Vos is located in the old industrial building, De Besturing, near the harbour of The Hague. The building is a home for creatives off various disciplines, from architects to graphics designers and filmmakers. Since March 2017 the building  is owned by this group of creatives. De Besturing was able to buy the old factory of the municipality.

Take a peek in our studio

Studio Barbara Vos | De Besturing - Den Haag
De Besturing | Studio Barbara Vos

About Barbara Vos

Owner & Founder

Barbara Vos has been creating, making and exploring since – well forever. Her love of design started when she was young. As a child she embroidered and carved wood with her granddad and did art projects with grand mom’s buttons on her grandparents living room floor. Creativity runs in the family, her granddad was still designing and sewing his own kites at the age of 87.

“Ever since I was a little…”

Barbara Vos | Ever since I was little

Interior Architect & Industrial Designer

Pursuing her passion Barbara Vos started her education at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague,  The Netherlands. In 2003 she graduated as an Interior Architect and in 2010 as an Industrial Designer. During her studies she won two Hema Design Awards, a prestigious prize in the Netherlands.

Barbara Vos | Hema Ontwerp Wedstrijd, prijs 2008 & 2009


Studio Barbara Vos is intrigued by China and all its possibilities. In 2010 she went on a travel adventure through China for 3 months, visiting rural areas, big cities and of course the porcelain pottery industry, product and fashion accessories factories. Earlier she completed an eight months trip through Central Asia. Studio Barbara Vos is experienced in visiting and communicating with Chinese factories, guiding the production processes and making drawings for production.