Tactile porcelain tiles

Tiles are functional because they are waterproof, easy to maintain and decorative. In other countries, such as France, wallpaper is sometimes used in bathrooms. With tex-tiles Studio Barbara Vos has created a decorative, yet subtle atmosphere to wall coverings.

The tex-tile has an imprint of textile fabric with a subtle relief and it is only when you come closer you will see what it is. The imprints of the textiles are different all the time. Here you see the imperfection and the movement of textile. You can make a lot of pattern variations by combining different tiles. The imperfection gives something extra to the tile, it is never the same.


Changing emotion

The functional element; tiling a wall for protection while also combined with a decorative element. The bathroom is a place for preparing for the day or winding down in the evening, therefore we need to create a relaxing mood. By bringing together the warm, flexible, soft feeling of textile with the hard, cold, flat material of ceramics, there results an exciting combination, it brings emotion, the hard tile will become softer and more friendly. This emotion is made stronger by adding the light behind the tile. By turning on the light, something special happens, a surprise. The relief in the tile becomes much more visible. Details are very clear now, differences in color because of thicker and thinner materials. It is a new way of bringing mood lighting to the bathroom or any other room. The light is soft and because of the ivory color of the material, it brings a sense of calmness.

“A skeleton of light dances in her porcelain dress. Shyly she shows her insides. She only shines when caressed by water. ” By Yassine Salihine".

Movies about Tex-tiles

The beginning of

In this movie Barbara Vos tells about the beginning of her tex-tiles.

Tex-tiles in Milan

This is an interview with Studio Barbara Vos about tex-tiles at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.